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Create certainty across your property development portfolio

Don’t leave it to chance. Be sure of how your projects are tracking with live project updates and real-time reporting at your fingertips.

The only platform that connects clients with consultants

Untangle the disjointed nature of project delivery with a centralised platform that fosters collaboration and provides a single source of truth.


Clients can standardise project controls and workflows to obtain live updates and reports.


Projx allows key project stakeholders to be on the same page to facilitate collaboration.


PM, QS and other key consultants input data in line with best practices.

BE in control

Develop uniform processes, procedures and protocols

Ditch disparate spreadsheets, static workflows and inconsistent reporting formats. Centralise tasks and standardise processes in line with best-in-class practices and governance structures to facilitate continuous improvement.

BE informed

Understand the numbers behind the numbers

Never be left wondering. Get context and confidence by drilling down into the details with unprecedented visibility into project metrics.

BE Current

Create project reports in real-time

Don’t wait for another static and outdated progress report. Generate live updates and performance scorecards from anywhere, anytime and on any device with a click of a button.

BE coherent

Make decisions backed by good data

Avoid acting on speculation and opinion. Produce dynamic dashboards, interactive analytics and powerful visualisations to help you and your team make objective, data-driven decisions.


Input data once and in one place only

Prevent data discrepancies and conflicts caused by the double-entering of information. Reconcile in real-time with your team on a structured centralised platform.

BE Assured

Know the information is current and correct

Avoid avoidable blunders and embarrassing typos. Utilise in-built rules, calculations and checks and balances to get instant verifications, cautions and error warnings.

BE Clear

Create concise, coherent and consistent reports

Cut through tabular data and put an end to endless registers. Generate simple, digestible reports from anywhere, anytime and on any device with a click of a button.

BE Efficient

Automate processes and optimise teams

Don’t waste time on low-value admin activities. Automate arduous manual tasks and create competitive efficiencies by standardising the way your team operates.

One place to manage key project metrics

Approval  workflows
Funding and Budgets
Updates and Reports
Claims and Invoicing
Spending and Cashflows
Risks and Opportunities

Set your team up for project success